General Information
Pre-Conference Events

Tuesday 11 October 2022


Workshops and courses will be organized one day before the conference  :

  • ESCC training course

  • EEE Seminar

  • ESA Site Tour/Space Expo Musuem

Participation is open for SPCD attendees without any fees or restrictions. Check the pre-conference event page for more information.


Conference Content

12 -14 October 2022


The SPCD symposium includes : 

  • Oral presentations:

Each presenter has 15 minutes at his disposal plus 5 minutes for Q&A.


  •  Dedicated Poster session:

A great opportunity to interact with presenters and attendees.


  •  Technical Introduction of Components (TIC):

Short commercial presentations of 7 min from manufacturers who have the opportunity to provide insight into new components and products being developed, recently qualified or introduced to market.


  • Private Roadmap session:

Dedicated session for manufacturers to present their roadmaps to purchasing, procurement and supply managers only! - No competitors.


  •  Panel Discussion:

A great opportunity to give the conference participants the chance to discuss a particular "hot" topic and to exchange ideas publicly.


  • Business Private Lunches and Meetings:

Private meetings with stakeholders to discuss business privately either around a coffee or around a lunch. Both opportunities are held in private meeting rooms.


  • Industrial exhibition:

An ideal opportunity to discuss and identify collaboration opportunities. Up to 30 exhibitors can present their products and services.